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Our Social & Environmental Responsibility

At ComAp, we take our impact on the world seriously. Our corporate responsibility practices touch everything from our daily business to the company culture. Three important pillars reflect our sustainability attitude, forming the basis of our valued CSR programme.



Protecting The World

The world’s resources are not infinite. We have committed at both the corporate and individual level to search for smart and sustainable ways of protecting the environment. In fact, our framework to reduce ComAp’s carbon footprint and environmental impact is already in place.

“At ComAp, we understand that the future of power generation is renewables. Nevertheless, we are also aware of today´s challenge - their integration with conventional resources which are still required to maintain the reliability and stability of the energy supply. Therefore, we strive to develop products which make power generation more efficient, with optimized fuel consumption and reduced emissions as well as addressing the environmental protection needs of today and tomorrow.”
Peter Sandin CEO

Our Offices


Saving Water And Energy
We lead by example and believe that every action counts. Our HQ in Prague, Czech Republic  are  BREEAM certified with the "excellent" result which means we make 30 - 70% more savings in energy and water consumption compared to standard offices. 

Reducing CO2 Emissions
We have already reduced our CO2 emissions by 30% as a result of transferring ComAp’s IT
operations to the cloud service.

Rycycling Products And Equipment
All our products are WEEE compliant and recycled responsibly in a waste disposal centre.
Employee equipment is recycled too, using our global services. All packaging is fully recyclable.

Driving Change

ComAp has always been committed to supporting clean energy and lower-carbon technologies, and in today’s climate, it’s more important than ever that we uphold our sustainability pledge and actively contribute to the two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Sustainability targets for ComAp HQ (by the end of 2022):

  • 100% CO2 neutral power supply 
  • 100% CO2 neutral product transport
  • 60% of waste recycled*
  • 15% reduction of annual electrical energy consumption*
  • 20% water consumption reduction*
*Based on 2018 figures

Products & Solutions

Innovation meets experience

Our innovative solutions for hybrid systems maximize energy usage from renewables without
endangering system stability. We work to make our solutions more efficient, reduce emissions,
and decrease the usage of fossil fuels in traditional power generation. The development of
technologies for reducing fuel consumption is one of our biggest investment areas.

At The Centre Of Renewable Energy Research

We are always searching for smart and sustainable power solutions. Our Renewable Centre of Excellence (RCE) , based in Brisbane, Australia provides consultancy and advice on projects for the renewable energy market, but can also provide a complete, turn-key control system installation depending on the needs of the client.The RCE team has many years of industry experience combined with advanced engineering knowledge enabling them to deliver solutions for any renewable energy control

Client Case Studies

We work hard to integrate and optimise the use of renewable energy and minimise the operating costs of the overall client´s power supply. Find out more in these case studies:

Power Control System for Willinga Park Equestrian Centre

The Greenest Datacentre in Switzerland

ComAp Hybrid Solution for Peter Island

People & Community

Our Values

Equality and Fairness
All ComAp employees, partners, and customers deserve to be treated in a considerate and
professional manner. Upholding ComAp values helps us treat each other fairly and with respect,
regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, or professional background.

  • Flexibility

  • Integrity

  • Great people

  • Supportiveness

  • Openness

Ethics Matter
Anti-Corruption And Confidentiality

In order to protect the confidential information of ComAp, its partners, and customers, as well as
conduct fair business, we educate all our employees on our Ethical Code And Confidentiality
Guidelines. This also covers conflicts of interest, and the acceptance or offer of, appropriate
business courtesies.

Health and Safety

Our Employees Matter

Workplace Safety
ComAp offices are all compliant with International Standards for occupational health and safety.
We offer regular Safety training sessions, and work to minimize risk and injury further, by
identifying potentially hazardous areas and implementing recommended internal guidelines.

Travel And Health
Health checks are conducted for all employees on a regular basis. For those who travel for
business often, vaccinations are offered as preventive care. We also provide, and request
adherence to, safe travel policy updates, as issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Balanced Life
A balanced life is important for health and happiness. We offer flexible working hours and
part-time contracts, as well as financial contributions for child care and sports. We also run Bike
a To Work scheme and host family events. Come join our St. Nicolas party!

Continuous Growth
Our employees are our most valuable asset. We begin investing in our people from their very
first onboarding session and continue for the duration of their time with ComAp. We offer Talent
Management programs, Secondments, professional training, internal presentations, coaching,
and mentoring.

Future Talent
We invest in young talent by supporting high school students through workshops, presentations,
and work experience. University students can join Trainee programs and further cooperation
with universities exists through the provision of professional lecturers and part-time jobs.

Supporting Charities & The Community
It’s important to give back. ComAp donates 1% of planned Group EBIT to non-governmental
and charitable organizations: ¼ goes towards projects nominated by our employees and ¾ is
donated to selected organizations to whom we make a long-term commitment.

Our People Goals for 2022

1. Motivation Is Key

Fulfill at least 75% of people’s Personal Development Plans. Drive takes us places!

2. Employer of Choice

Join! Let’s raise awareness of, and build ratings for, ComAp as an employer.

3. Local Support

Continue our community support through sponsorship of various important NGOs.

4. Volunteering Day

We will go out into the community and help homes for the elderly, disabled, or the environment.

Read more about some of the charities we proudly support:

Prague Wheelchair Sports Club
Prague Wheelchair Sports Club organises events for wheelchair sportsmen, supports them at venues, and introduces sports to the new wheelchair users. 
Můžeš podnikat
The unique program in the Czech Republic inspires students through sharing experience across generations to motivate them to run their business.
Loďka Foundation
Loďka Foundation helps pediatric patients with life-threatening or life-limiting diseases and their families.
Motýlek Community Centre
The community centre provides support to children with medical handicap and their families or to socially disadvantaged families.
Cesta domů
Cesta domů provides professional health and social services to terminally ill and dying children and adults in their homes.
Rozum a Cit Foundation
The foundation helps abandoned children and their foster families, providing them financial, material, and social support.

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