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InteliLite Telecom

Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Genset Controller for Telecommunications
Order code: IL2TLCXXAAA
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The InteliLite Telecom is the perfect genset controller designed specifically for needs of Mobile operators and Tower companies. To comply with demands of modern Telecommunication environment, the controller has been equipped with ComAp’s unique remote communication capabilities and rich portfolio of OPEX saving capacities. Beside typical AMF function, the controller incorporates complex battery charging management features, which enable BTS operators to start and stop the generating-set based on status of the backup battery. In such a case, the InteliLite Telecom controller can deliver significant cost savings as the generating-set is used to charge the battery, which consequently powers the load – this is called a cycling operation.

Beside functions related to battery charging management, the controller also contains other important features for BTS applications, like fuel measurement, air conditioning control, statistics for OPEX evaluation and predictive maintenance, support of telecom standard protocols (e.g. SNMP), and many more, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Smart battery charging and cycling management for lower OPEX
  • WebSupervisor and AirGate support*
  • Automatic SMS on alarm or event & genset control over SMS*
  • On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server) via plug & play IB-Lite
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem/wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS
  • Fuel theft protection and Total fuel consumption monitoring
  • Air-conditioning control
  • Full gen-set monitoring and protection
  • Outstanding EFI engine support with diagnostic messages in plain text via J1939
  • Detailed RTC event and performance log
  • Multiple languages (user changeable) in controller, even more in installation suite
  • Plug-in and CAN bus extension modules capability
  • Earth fault current protection*
  • A/B start battery support
  • Alternative switchable configuration
  • Dual mutual stand-by (Dual AMF) support
  • Supports prime power (MRS) applications including the telecommunication battery charging and cycling management
  • Automatic and manual GCB and MCB control
  • Magnetic pickup input
  • D+ preexcitation terminal
  • Measuring of the telecommunication battery up to +/-70 V DC (Order code IL2TLCXXAAA needed)
  • True RMS measurement
  • SNMP protocol support*
  • 3 phase power measurement of gen-set and mains incl. kWh
  • 3 configurable analog inputs
  • 7 binary inputs
  • 7 binary outputs

* Plug-in module required

Recommended by our customers

'Our customers who packages gen-sets for telecom applications around the world prefer ComAp controllers. The ease of setting up a wireless and even redundant wireless communications are important features. Also, the detailed and extensive history record, which also can be accessed locally and remotely are critical since many telecom gen-sets are installed in very remote locations.'

Dennis Chung Owner

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