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Bi-Fuel Controllers

ComAp, a market leader in engine control solutions, have developed an easy to fit bi-fuel management package including a range of InteliBifuel controllers for use as a standard control platform for diesel generators. The new control system is ideally suited to generator packagers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to deliver more economically beneficial power packages.

ComAp's simple bi-fuel conversion modifies your original diesel power generation engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel - substantially reducing operating costs. It works by introducing gas into the engine and then electronically controlling gas flow dependent on engine speed and output.

Bi-fuel conversion requires virtually no engine modification and brings benefits in every application:

  • Affordable diesel engines combined with inexpensive natural gas
  • Economical solution for slow-speed, middle-speed and high-speed engines
  • Flexible use of fuel (can even use gas that would normally be flared as a by-product)
  • Guaranteed power output
  • Efficient and safe operation with lower emissions
  • Longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs

New control algortrihm for InteliBifuel and InteliBifule LITE 

ComAp has just released an upgrade of bi-fuel solution for single speed engines. This new algorithm in the controller automatically compensates for a change in gas quality to ensure that the system always remains at optimum efficiency. ComAp’s bi-fuel system continually monitors all input parameters to ensure that it is always substituting the highest amount of gas possible, ensuring maximum savings on your diesel bill, whilst also minimizing the amount of harmful greenhouse gases released. The new system is also much easier to install, with the controller deciding on the optimal settings it needs for the particular installation it is used with.

Explore the InteliBifuel Solutions brochure here.

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