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CHP with an Asynchronous Alternator

Combined production of thermal and electrical energy from gen-sets with asynchronous alternators.


A spark-ignited gas engine drives a three phase asynchronous alternator which generates electrical energy. The heat recovery system generates thermal energy from the engine cooling and flue gas systems. This type of combined electrical and thermal energy is one of the most efficient ways of using fossil or renewable fuels. Asynchronous alternators due to their simplicity, easy connection to network and lower costs are largely used especially in the lower power range, around 10s of kWel. 

ComAp Solution

ComAp InteliSysNTC BaseBox and InteliGenNTC BaseBox controllers represent a perfect solution for smaller CHPs with asynchronous alternators. Dedicated firmware for asynchronous applications takes care of the gen-set starting and seamless connection to the network. The InteliGenNTC BaseBox controller represents a cost effective solution for smaller sets, and InteliSysNTC BaseBox offers high flexibility in terms of CHP control thanks to it's built-in PLC interpreter.

The whole site can be monitored from various operator panels, starting from a cost effective 5-inch screen up to 12-inch touch panel for single gen-sets and 17-inch touch screen panel for complete site monitoring.

CHP with an Asynchronous Alternator
  1. InteliGenNTC BaseBox or InteliSysNTC BaseBox represents the heart of the control system, integrating control functions of engine, alternator and CHP. 
  2. ECON-4 serves for speed and load control of gas gen-set.
  3. Inteli AIN8, Inteli AIN8TC, Inteli IO8/8 are peripheral I/O modules which measure signals from the engine like cylinder temperatures, oil pressure, water temperatures and communicate the values to the InteliSys Gas over communication line. Distributed control system allows local placement of the I/O modules hence easier wiring and shorter commissioning time.
  4. InteliVision 8 is 8-inch colour operator panel, dedicated for local system overview and control. 
  5. Remote monitoring of the whole CHP plant is possible over WebSupervisor tool or InteliMonitor PC tool when a detail monitoring is needed. Websupersvisor is also available through Android and iOS apps.

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