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Mutual Standby AC Gen-sets

Two standby AC gensets covering mains fails at most important remote telecom sites.


In areas with a reliable mains network, one diesel gen-set can be used as conventional emergency backup, but in reality, the power grid is unreliable across many parts of the world, and in many instances telecom towers will rely on two gen-sets to provide a suitable backup. In this situation use of a mutual standby AC gen-set system is suitable.

ComAp Solution

Two InteliLite Telecom controllers simultaneously monitor the mains supply to the BTS station, and in the case of a failure, the master controller will automatically start the engine to switch the load to the standby gen-set. The gen-sets switch power supply between each other after a previously specified period of time for improved performance, service maintenance scheduling and eventual redundancy, and the integrated failsafe standby system provides high system reliability and OPEX savings. With the addition of either IB-Lite (Ethernet communication plug-in module), or IL-NT-GPRS (GPRS communication plug-in module), the service provider has the ability to remotely monitor and control the mutual stand-by system from virtually anywhere in the world, leading to further OPEX savings. 

Mutual Standby AC Gen-sets
  1. Two InteliLite Telecom or InteliLite AMF 25 controllers simultaneously monitor the mains supply, and in the case of failure, will automatically start the engines to switch the load to the standby gensets.
  2. The gen-sets switch their power supply after specified periods of time for improved performance, service maintenance scheduling and eventual redundancy.
  3. IB Lite (ethernet communication plug-in module) or IL-NT GPRS (GPRS communication plug-in module) allow for excellent remote control and monitoring capabilities
  4. BTS site can be controlled and monitored via any laptop or portable device using WebSupervisor. iOS/Android app available to download for free.

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