The hydro power plant in French Polynesia

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The Vanifao hydro power plant

The Vanifao river is a small river located on the island of Futuna, Western Polynesia. The Vanifao hydro power plant was built in 1990. Then in 2006 it was put out of service due to maintenance problems. Then it was back in service in 2010 but only for short time before the cyclone Thomas has significantly damaged it in the same year. To save fuel it was decided that the Vanifao power plant will be put back in service. The project was run by company Aliz├ęs-Energie and in December 2014 the Vanifao hydro power plant was put back in service again.

The site uses ComAp InteliGen controller with GeCon software to control the turbine so it is possible to control values such as frequency, voltage and power output and synchronize the turbine smoothly to the grid. This also allows use of InteliMonitor software to get the overview of the whole site in real time. The site also includes the InteliPro as an independent mains protection. InteliPro will disconnect the generator in case of mains failure to protect both the generator and all the devices connected to the grid.

The lowest average year output is estimated to be 55kW. This allows saving minimum of 126.225 liters of diesel and prevents 328 tons of CO2 from being produced every year!

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