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PLC Fans Start

This sheet describes how to start fans when temperature goes up. Based on temperature different number of fans is started.  

PLC program for preheating

Engine has to be heated to certain temperature before start to avoid extensive wearing. This sheet describes function of PLC program which can do that. 

InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT Combi application

This function introduces several basic functions of InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT Combi application.

  1. How to change the application mode SPtM/SPI/MINT
  2. User mask function – view the synchroscope at the main screen while synchronizing
  3. User buttons – quick link between particular screens
  4. Cleaning mode

Typical example of use of this functions you can find in related archive.

Prelubrication of gas engine

Gas engines usually require a different prelubrication function then the diesel sets. Instead of making periodic prelubrication of the set, one prelubrication cycle prior to an engine start is usually required.
This Application sheet describes one of possible ways how to create a single, engine pre-start prelubrication process, which will occur during the controller Prestart sequence.

Manual speed and voltage control in Combi application

This function introduces one of possible solutions how to create the function of Manual synchronization (manual speed and voltage control) in InteliGen-NT and InteliSys-NT Combi application.
The example of configuration you can find in related archive.

Example of SCADA for H-System

This is example of SCADA for H-System (2x Mains, 4x GenSet, 1x BTB). Resolutioon of SCADA is designed for InteliVision 17 Touch external display.
SCADA consists from one main screen with preview of all system and several additional screens with detailed view to parts of system.

How to create SCADA offline

This manual helps you to create a customized SCADA drawing for a new installation primarily in the case when final controller configuration files do not exist but it can also help you if final controller configuration files exist. The manual describes steps needs to do when site definition is missing (a site for this installation is not created). 

PLC analog values change detect

This sheet describes how to detect changes on analog value. This task came to our mind when we need to write value in to WinScope Record manually. We read value of Nox pollution on hand held gas analyzer and record it in to PLC Setpoint. But when we write new value in to setpoint, it remained in WinScope record for infinite time even value on analyzer was different. So we want to have nonzero number in record for short time, just when it is valid.
This PLC code can be useful for other purpose also.

PLC PID and bumpless transfere

This sheet describes how to start PID control, but not to start from zero value, rather start at user defined value and smoothly continue with PID control.  

PLC program flowmeter

If you have flowmeter with impulse output, you can use this program to calculate flow per hour.

PLC program analog switch for three inputs

There is Ana Switch instruction, but can handle two inputs only. This sheet describes how to select one of the three inputs. 

PLC program for manual control of device

There is possibility to create user buttons in screen editor and use them to control device. This example shows how to manually start and stop pump using those buttons. 

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