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PLC program for PID Testing

It is not too convenient and safe to test PID on the real installation. But how to test it without close loop Control. In this example you will see, how to make basic simulation.

PLC program for keeping value

There is no memory cell in the controller where we could keep value. For example we measure Power and there is shutdown and we would like to have last Power before shutdown available for any reason. This sheet describes function of PLC program which can do that using Jump instruction. 

Basic modbus - Part I.

Here you will find necessary information how to adjust modbus communication with ComAp controllers and how to read analog input value.

Basic modbus - Part II.

This video shows ComAp controller’s binary inputs reading and setpoints adjusting using modbus conection.

InteliCompact High tariff

This video shows how to avoid purchasing grid electricity during expensive peak-rates.

InteliCompact Peak Shaving

This video shows how to start a gen-set automatically during the consumption peaks to reduce electricity costs.

Boot jumper programming

Video shows how to proceed in case that there is a failure of communication during programming the controller


Force value

Here you can find illustration of using Force values function, on real example of change of genset frequency

ECU speed Req

Configuration of standard speed request for electronic engines and speed request for Volvo, Scania, Cummins CM850 in ComAp in InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT controllers.

Configuration of InteliDrive Mobile Logger in DriveConfig

 This application sheet describes an example of DriveConfig configuration for typical InteliDrive Mobile Logger application.

HearthBeat watchdog for external PLC communicating via ModBus (PLC function)

 This document describes solution for sites where ComAp controllers (InteliSysNT, InteliGenNT, InteliMainsNT) communicate with external PLC (or other device) via ModBus TCP protocol.
In case, that information/signals from external PLC are very important, watchdog is required. This document shows solution of evaluation of Heartbeat sending from external PLC to the controller via ModBus TCP protocol.

V-BY-PWR PLC Solution for InteliMains NT

This application illustrates how to keep the mains voltage within predefined limits. The application is suitable for installations with a distant load from the transformer. The mains voltage may drop below tolerable limit due to losses on the power transmission line.

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