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30 years of ComAp
Since being founded in a one-room office by 3 friends, ComAp has grown tremendously to become the leader in smart power control solutions. Here's a quick overview of how we got there.
Our founders reflect and look forward
ComAp is celebrating 30 years. What are your key feelinks? 2:30
How did you set up a company? 3:34
What are your plans with ComAp for the future? 1:19
What will be the bigest challenges for ComAp in the next decade? 4:06
1990s: Finding our purpose
1991 – ComAp (short for Computer Application) is founded, with Prague Metro voice annunciators as our first contract. Our foray into the controller market comes in 1993, when we release the GX gen-set controller. A year later, we introduce the MX engine controller to very high demand. We've found our calling! The MX controller remains very popular for nearly a decade.
1991: Founding and first contract
1993: GX gen-set controller introduced
1994: MX engine controller introduced
1996: PX CHP (combined heat and power) control system introduced
2000s: Introducing signature products
Our Steve Jobs moment comes at the turn of the century. We introduce the first all-in-one generator controller, the InteliGen, and it takes the generator world by storm. On the heels of fresh success, we expand internationally, opening up our first subsidiary in Bristol, UK. Our strengthened development effort culminates in 2002 with the launch of our InteliLite and InteliSys controllers.
2000: InteliGen introduced
2001: First international subsidiary — in the UK
2002: InteliLite and InteliSys introduced
2008: InteliVision 8 released, with the first color display in its industry
2010s: Advancing the field
The 2010s hold two key innovations for us: BaseBox and WebSupervisor. BaseBox makes our controllers extremely modular, allowing people to choose from a variety of displays. WebSupervisor brings device monitoring and management to the web for not just ComAp devices, but for third party products as well. With innovation and development ramping up, we open up several new subsidiaries.
2010: WebSupervisor introduced
2010: BaseBox flexibility
2012: 3 new subsidiaries, 6 in total
2018: InteliVision 18Touch introduced
2020s: Forging full speed ahead
Undeterred by the pandemic, we launch several new products in 2021, including the InteliDrive 400 controllers for stationary engines, InteliLite 4, and InteliSCADA, a brand new monitoring tool. Our research and development is stronger than ever, with several major innovations in the pipeline. Efficiency and sustainability are a particular focus, as we strive to help transition the world to greener technology.
2021: InteliSCADA introduced
2021: New InteliDrive 400 range and InteliLite 4 announced
Come write the future with us

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