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Hybrid Power Control System for a Chicken Hatchery

Neelkanth Hatchery, in Haryana, located around 200km from New Delhi, India, is one of the larger produces of chickens for egg production and for meat in India. India has a multibillion-dollar poultry industry with highly regimented production systems used to maximize bird size or egg production. A large hatchery, such as Neelkanth can produce up to 15 million chicks annually.

Chicks can overheat and die very easily, so it is important to ensure the hatching sheds are kept at a stable temperature. So ComAp India designed, installed and commissioned a solar/diesel hybrid power generation system for Neelkanth Hatchery, to ensure a reliable source of power to maximize chick production at the facility.

The hatchery already had a diesel generator power system, consisting of 1 250 KVA and 2 125 KVA generators. With the assistance of local PV installer, Sun Photonics, had installed another two sites of photovoltaic panels, one site of 200kw and one site of 100kw. ComAp’s InteliSys NTC Hybrid controller was used to make the two power generation systems work together to form a hybrid microgrid.

The customer was facing issues with the PV and diesel systems working together and having to operate the system manually due to the fluctuating energy demands of the hatchery. By using ComAp’s Hybrid system the power generation for the hatchery is now fully automatic, with controlled power generation from the solar panels, allowing significant diesel, and therefore, financial savings

The hatchery is also managed and monitored remotely using ComAp’s WebSupervisor, which allows the owners to see the entire installation’s power generation activity, via the internet using a computer tablet or mobile phone, or by using ComAp’s WebSupervisor mobile application.

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