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InternetBridge-NT 4G

Communication Module with 4G/Ethernet Connection
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  • Internet connection for one or more ComAp controllers, either by Ethernet cable or by built in cellular modem
  • Wireless high speed GPRS/UMTS modem built in
  • Supports all cellular packet data systems from GPRS to LTE (2.5G to 4G)
  • 3G variant has full multiband support – modem works globally
  • Two 4G variants supporting two different frequency band groups
  • Ethernet wired connection for local LAN connection
  • Single module can be used for multiple controllers on the same site (connected via CAN or RS485)
  • MODBUS/TCP, SNMP protocol support – direct connection to building management and other systems
  • Includes ComAp AirGate technology – easy plug-and-play connection anywhere (no fixed IP needed)
  • Designed for WebSupervisor – fully supported by ComAp’s cloud-based remote monitoring system
  • Global positioning system built in* – keep track of your equipment
  • Durable metal housing with DIN rail mount
  • SIM card holder access without disassembly
  • SMA connectors for external GPS and GSM antenna (4G/LTE antenna (OT1A4GXXMCX) is part of the package, for combined 4G/LTE and GPS antenna please use OT1A4GGPSCX)
  • Wide range 8–36 VDC supply voltage
  • Works with ComAp monitoring software in either direct connection or via AirGate technology

Fully supported controllers

  • Controllers based on InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT platform used with a standard firmware

Partially supported controllers

  • Controllers based on platforms InteliLite NT, InteliCompact NT, InteliDrive Lite, InteliDrive Mobile, InteliDrive DCU
  • Support of the above listed platforms is limited to Direct or AirGate connection from ComAp monitoring and configuration tools and sending active e-mails

Not supported controllers

  • Controllers based on plaforms InteliSys CU and InteliGen CU, all other legacy controllers
  • IL3, IG200 and newer

Note: Support for a specific controller branch is also depending on the version of the controller firmware.

Supported bands

To order the correct modification of product which is going to work with your network, please, give attention to the following table with bands supported:

Device type Order code 2G Bands [MHz] 3G Bands [MHz] 4G Bands [MHz]
InternetBridge-NT IB-NT


800, 850,  AWS (1700/2100), 
1900, 2100 (Bands 6,5,4,2,1)
InternetBridge-NT 4G CM2IB4GEBFB 900,1800 900, 1800, 2100 (Bands 8,3,1)

800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 (Bands  20,8,3,7,1)

InternetBridge-NT 4G CM2IB4GABFB 850,900,1800,1900 850, AWS (1700/2100), 1900 (Bands 5,4,2) 700, 700, 850,  AWS (1700/2100), 1900  (Bands 13,17,5,4,2)
InternetBridge-NT 4G CM2IB4GJBFB - 2100 (Band 1), 800 (Band 19) 2100, 1800, 850 (Bands 1, 3, 19)





For more information about LTE networks availability in particular countries consult local cellular providers. There is also an overview of LTE deployment available at Wikipedia page: LTE Networks

When determining the LTE compatibility please use only band numbers, not frequencies. There are multiple bands in some frequency ranges that are not compatible.

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