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Engine Control Panel Solutions

Pumps, compressors, hydraulics and other stationary engines are all useful pieces of equipment. However, they are more useful with a technologically advanced control panel. A control panel incorporating ComAp engine control products can offer you remote control and monitoring, alert you to maintenance issues or even let you know it’s running low on fuel.

Take irrigation pump control as an example. A cost effective, prebuilt panel for the irrigation market suitable for mechanical or electronic engines allows users to utilise multiple 24/7 time clocks, to start and stop by time or start by time and stop on pressure or flow and provides cloud-based monitoring and control via WebSupervisor from your PC, smart phone or tablet. Panels can also be designed to be used in harsh environments, with different IP ratings depending on the location they are used.


A prebuilt, preconfigured panel allows you all the benefits of the latest engine control system, without you needing any specialist knowledge to build it yourself. It will have all the products inside you need, (including an internet connection), and all the wiring, all you need to do is plug it in using the industry standard Deutsch connectors.

ComAp’s products can be used in panels of any size for any application. Contact your ComAp local area sales manager to find your local engine control panel solutions provider.

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