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Hybrid Control Panel Solutions

A hybrid power generation system, is one that incorporates a diesel gen-set with a renewable source of power such as solar, wind, hydro or even batteries, is a great way to generate power in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst also saving money on electricity costs from diesel, or just from the grid supply. But with all the variables involved, such as different brands of generators, different outputs from solar panels, different inverter brands, and different regulations regarding grid connection, it can be very difficult to undertake without specialist knowledge and experience.

Take a grid connected hybrid solution for example. In a situation where it is intended to connect your hybrid system to the grid to for use as backup when the grid fails, or for exporting excess power back to the grid, then there are many different regulations (known as grid codes or embedded generation guidelines) that need to be followed in order for grid connection to be permitted. Only authorised products from approved suppliers are able to be used in grid connected applications, and non-compliance can result in damage to the grid, damage to equipment, and potential liability for hybrid system owners. These regulations are different from country to country and the regulations change regularly to keep up with changes in the grid, and changes in technology. They are hard to keep up with, and failure to understand them properly, and to use the correct products and open up a business to liability.

This is where a prebuilt panel makes it easier. A prebuilt panel will be configured for a particular hybrid application, with the correct wiring, and using the correct products to ensure all regulations are followed, by staff specially trained in hybrid systems. This ensures that you can begin reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money on your power generation faster, with much less OPEX input from your organisation.

ComAp products can be used in off or on grid hybrid solutions, as well as energy demand management. Contact your ComAp local area sales manager to find your local hybrid solutions provider.

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