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Marine Control Panel Solutions

All control panels built for classed marine applications need to be certified for use by various classification authorities in different markets globally. There are classification authorities for individual countries, and each of their classification programs is different. Understanding these regulations and keeping up with any changes is difficult and costly. The components in these panels need to be certified, as does the facility actually building the panel itself. This is costly to any business, especially for engine dealers who don’t have the capabilities, facilities and staff to ensure compliance.

This is where a prebuilt, pre-certified panel is a better option.  A prebuilt panel utilising one of ComAp’s dedicated marine controllers can be prewired for all common connections and with the large database of engine ECU information already installed the panel connects simply and easily with modern electronic diesel engines. Additionally, either with the extensive on-board capability or with additional expansion modules, the panel can control and monitor electronic or mechanical engines with a large number of discrete analogue inputs and outputs.

ComAp marine products are certified by all major marine authorities (including DNV and Lloyd's) and products such as InteliVision 8 Marine allows all the vessels functions to be monitored from the one location and supports the fitment of multiple additional display panels from the ComAp range. Self-configuring, these modern displays ranging from 8” - 13” can be fitted throughout the ship. Also provided are data buses such as Modbus over RS485 or Ethernet to allow communication to other ships systems.  In addition, software such as WebSupervisor allows all functions to be monitored and managed remotely with extensive datasets available offering much needed insight into vessel efficiencies.

Contact your ComAp local area sales manager to find your local marine solutions provider. 


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