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Power Generation Panel Solutions

Backup generators are essential to ensure that business can continue to function if the power grid fails. Operations like hospitals, datacentres and other infrastructure are vital to keep society functioning. But business also require a continuous source of power. Backup generators can be as simple as having a manual switch on a generator, right up to complex systems that turn multiple generators in parallel to the grid that turn on automatically at the slightest hint of grid instability. The main thing simple and complex backup applications have in common is their control panel. The control panel is the brains of the system and can be simple or smart depending on the application. 

In a situation where it is intended to connect your generator to the grid to for use as backup when the grid fails, then there are many different regulations (sometimes known as grid codes or embedded generation guidelines) that need to be followed in order for grid connection to be permitted. Only authorised products from approved suppliers are able to be used in grid connected applications, and non-compliance can result in damage to the grid, damage to equipment, and potential liability for generator owners. These grid codes are different from country to country and the regulations change regularly to keep up with changes in the grid, and changes in technology.

Where grid regulations are more strict, products that are used in any control panels need to be from an approved supplier and those products need to be compliant with the latest versions of the regulations. This is very complicated to keep abreast of, and if you’re just looking for a simple solution to get a generator up and running a prebuilt panel solution is the answer. A prebuilt panel ensures that it is sized for the particular application, is wired correctly, and most importantly contains all the correct authorised products for connection to the grid.

All ComAp products are designed with the intention to comply with local authority specifications and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for mains connections in global markets, and we regularly update them to ensure that they remain compliant with all changes to any local regulations. Using a panel containing ComAp products ensures the safety of your equipment, the safety of the grid, and safeguards the continuation of your business through reliable backup power.

For all your prime power, backup power, or rental power generation panel solutions contact your ComAp local area sales manager to find your local power generation solutions provider.

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