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Dewatering Pumps with Miniera

Miniera, a company based in Victoria, Australia, specialises in designing and manufacturing dewatering pumps for open-cut mines for markets in Australia and throughout the world. Miniera's goal is to provide market leading technologies, and build their reputation for supplying safer, more effective alternatives in dewatering and water transfer systems.

Miniera's systems are used extensively in open-cut (or highwall) mines around the world and especially in the many iron ore, gold, coal, and uranium mines in Australia. Mining projects are among the most demanding in the world and they require a system that is not only powerful and transportable, but also a system that is easy to use.

On their latest dewatering pump, the HDS200, (which can pump up to 200 litres of water per second!) they chose to use two ComAp products; the InteliVision 8 display, and the InteliDrive DCU Industrial controller. The InteliDrive DCU Industrial controller was chosen because of its flexibility and with custom written Miniera software, ease of programming. Working in collaboration with ComAp, the software was rewritten specifically to cater to the needs to the HDS200.

Along with the InteliDrive DCU Industrial, the InteliVision 8 display was chosen to provide an easy to read, user-friendly control interface. Used with a custom designed Miniera skin, the InteliVision 8 provides intuitive monitoring screens to enable access to more information in a shorter amount of time.

The control interface for the pumping system has been specifically created with intuitive, user-friendly monitoring screens for each of the operating systems, (hydraulics, engine, fuel and oil, and pumping). The InteliVision 8 also enabled Miniera to show a unique trends monitoring screen as a standard feature, helping their customers evaluate past events easily on one screen.

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