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Fire Control System at La Rural Exhibition Centre

The Exhibition Centre "La Rural" is one of the most important venues for exhibitions in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. Since its creation 130 years ago, La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires has undergone some great improvements, and with the erecting of the Ochre, Blue, Yellow and Green pavilions in the late 1990´s, has been consolidated as the main fair and exhibitions centre for the region.

The pavilions, convention halls and main auditorium are equipped with cutting-edge technology and cover a total indoor area of 45,000m2. And with an area so large, fire is a major risk, making safety a paramount issue.

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'We decided to use the InteliDrive Lite FPC for our Fire Pump System, due to the many advantages the controller provided. The InteliDrive Lite FPC is very friendly and easy to use, allowing for easy use and simple adaptation. As well as its versatility and automatic/manual starting sequence, the design fulfills NFPA 20 standards making the entire system highly reliable and giving us complete peace of mind.'

Mauricio Batyk Maintenance Manager

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