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Power Management for a Generator Manufacturer

Rich Motor Company (RMC) is the most trusted supplier of power and O&M services in UAE, The Middle East and Africa. RMC is an independent UAE manufacturer of power generators systems and Acoustics from 6 kW up to 2 MW. They proudly host one of the largest modern canopy manufacturing facilities in UAE covering an area of 20,000 sqms. 

RMC factory used to cover its energy demand solely from 3 diesel gen-sets with the capacity of 2x 160 kW and a larger 320 kW unit. By building a new generator control panel, they are now able to start these units according to the actual plant demand. Apart from automatic starting and stopping of the gen-sets, a rooftop mounted solar plant has been included in the system for the purpose of further fuel consumption and engine maintenance cost reduction.

The gen-sets are equipped with InteliGen 200 load-sharing controllers. The gen-sets and Sungrow PV gear are interfaced through the master InteliSys Hybrid BaseBox controller, and the InteliFieldbus Gateway working as a data concentrator. This setup enables for smooth active and reactive power control of the inverter group connected via a Sungrow Inverter Manager module. Active power is controlled so it doesn’t underload engines below pre-set minimum loading of 25-30% (adjustable). Reactive power control is set to achieve requested gen-set power factor. This means generators operate with lower total current and the capacity of the inverters is fully utilized. Since the customer operates different-sized machines, ComAp’s power management feature can recognize the necessity to swap between larger and smaller units. All units are connected to the internet and registered with ComAp’s WebSupervisor fleet management platform. This allows for easy remote access through ComAp PC tools or via the smartphone app. On top of that, the control panel can be accessed via the internet or local network using the customized InteliSCADA layout.

“ComAp Middle East team have provided comprehensive project support from the early high-level system design, through master hybrid panel production till the final stage of commissioning & testing. A tailored automatic power management setting has been applied to provide required balance between reliability and efficiency, while ensuring plant power supply from diesel and solar sources.”

Mr Wissam Saad, RMC

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