Power System for a Remote Town in Russia

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Power System for a Remote Town in Russia

For Naryan-Mar, a town in North West Russia, (located within the Arctic Circle), reliability of the power supply is a top priority. For a city with a population of 19,000, which is isolated from the main power supply it is necessary to have a two-time reserve generating capacity. The city power plant was composed of a various types of diesel engines, and six gas turbine units, and for many years it was the sole source of electric power for Naryan-Mar. This equipment was physically and technologically outdated after more than 20 working years and could no longer provide the ever-growing requirements of the city's electricity. Since 2003, work has been ongoing to modernize the plant.

In December 2012 staff from ComAp commissioned the diesel generator plant’s Caterpillar 3516BHD with capacity of 1,820 kW, equipped with the system of dual-fuel mode of operation HSC 1600. The General Contractor was the Engineering Centre Energoservis, the equipment supplier; LLC Zeppelin Russland.

The diesel generator plant is a part of the power station in Naryan-Mar, which now consists of five gas turbine units of 6 MW each manufactured by OJSC Saturn-Gas Turbines and seven diesel generator plants from various other manufacturers.

The objective of the power station modernization is to equip the diesel generator plant with a dual-fuel system, provide for its parallel operation in the group of other plants for redundancy of gas turbine units, removal of peak loads, and auxiliary supply for the power station.

This project uses two ComAp control systems. The ComAp control systems were built over the standard control system EMCP 3.2. The ComAp control system, based on the process controller InteliGen NT, is designed for diesel generator plant control. It provides for automatic synchronisation and parallel operation of the diesel generator plant with the common bus of the switchgear 6.3 kV of the power station in the base load mode, and also a complex system of generator and engine protections.


The dual-fuel system HSC 1600 allow monitoring, automatic control of engine dual-fuel mode operation, monitors parameters, protects on main parameters of the process and annunciates in case of emergencies. The system comprises of a control panel on the basis of the InteliDrive-BF controlled by ComAp, a gas manifold, a set of sensors for monitoring of diesel engine parameters and a set of electric cables.

The dual-fuel system fully automates the process of dual-fuel operation. In the automatic mode the system independently starts supply of gas into the engine, controls its amount in accordance with the current load, provides for comprehensive protection of the engine, and stops gas supply as load drops to the minimum level.

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