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Remote Control and Monitoring for an Oil Field

Dugan Production Corporation serves the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry. Incorporated into New Mexico in 1959 by owner Tom Dugan, the company currently owns and operates over 960 wells in the Four Corners area and has working interests on over 2,800 sites from the San Juan Basin through to the Permian Basin. Dugan’s goals are to take underproducing wells and increase their efficiencies.

Challenges Dugan faced included aging control systems with lack of automation and also without remote monitoring and control.  In 2020, Dugan and ComAp began working together on some dewatering pump applications and after a very successful venture, began looking into how other systems can be improved.

In a short time, Dugan adopted ComAp’s WebSupervisor application which allows the units to be remotely monitored and controlled. They achieved immediate insight into the unit’s status and maintenance requirements. An immediate change in uptime was realised using the critical data provided, saving both time and labor when sending technicans out to the remote sites. Over 70 technicians and managers are connected to 24/7 live data and alarms via the mobile application for immediate alerts.

Within two years, Dugan has retrofitted their gas compression units and water control stations with almost 100 ComAp solutions and growing.  InteliDrive Lite and InteliDrive Basebox products were key instruments to replacing old and expensive analog shutdown panels.  Within time, additional pro-active automation routines were added to increase productivity of the wells even further by integrating with other local equipment, making ComAp the heart of each site. 

As Dugan proceeds to implement ComAp controls across their fleet, new and innovative projects continue to develop.  Most recently, Modbus data from 3rd party well monitoring units have been brought into the WebSupervisor Pro system using ComAp’s InteliGateway communication controller. This allows even more operational site data and critical environmental reporting to be customised, automatically generated and sent to key employees for decision making.

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