Backup power for a Datacentre in Tianjin

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Tianjin Data Centre

Tianjin, located in northern China, is the country’s fourth largest city, with a population nearing 15.5 million people. The area is fast transforming into a hub for manufacturing, logistics, and technology, and is home to China’s leading Internet provider’s censorship bureaus. Due to the influx of people and industries to the area a new datacentre was recently opened and ComAp’s controllers were selected to control the backup power system for the centre.

The datacentre itself is 20,000 sqm in size and houses 2000 data cabinets. It is resistant to earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter Scale, and is built to the highest international technical standards. To ensure reliable power to the datacentre 10 gen-sets were installed, all fitted with ComAp’s InteliGen NT controllers. The gen-sets provide power to the datacentre’s UPS units for a total capacity of 17,600 KVA. The UPS can supply power to the datacentre for up to 10 minutes, before the gen-sets start up and continue to provide power. The gen-sets can provide power for up to 36 hours, (using 160,000 litres of diesel!) Which is normally more than enough time for the mains power supply to come back online.

The datacentre also uses ComAp’s InteliMains NT to control a feeder breaker and detect mains failure, and the entire system is controlled and monitored using ComAp’s InteliVision 17 Touch screen display.

"The Tianjin datacentre is operating in a very high standard, its electrial power system, UPS system, cooling system, including gensets are all running with redundancy. From our knowledge of the market, ComAp's IG-NT system with IV17 is used at many locations in China and around the world for datacentre applications. This is considered one of the best solutions in the market, that's why we choose ComAp, with its redundancy system“

Yang Yuqi, Beijing Xinling Hengxin Elec. & Mech. Equipment Co., Ltd

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