Edge of Grid Power System for an Equestrian Centre

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Willinga Park Power Control System

Willinga Park is a brand-new, world-class equestrian facility located on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, approximately 4 hours drive south of Sydney. Covering over 2000 acres, the multi-award-winning facility has areas for show jumping, multiple arenas (indoor and outdoor), stables, and many other amenities for judging, agistment and veterinary services.

The mains electricity supply is able to supply the park’s electricity demands during normal operation, but during events the electricity demand increases 2-3 times, far outside the capacity of the available mains connection. A hybrid power system (installed behind the meter) comprising of diesel generators, photovoltaic panels and batteries was proposed as the solution to supplement the mains capacity during events and to operate as a backup power supply, should the mains become unavailable.

ComAp’s Hybrid solution was selected as the hybrid energy management system. Shepherd Electrical and Rudds Consulting worked together with ComAp’s Renewable Centre of Excellence (RCE), to ensure that the isolated location and specialized needs of Willinga Park were not an issue in providing a reliable source of power.

ComAp products utilised in the delivery of this hybrid power system at Willinga Park included:
  • 1 x InteliSys NTC Hybrid – Master system controller
  • 3 x InteliSys NTC BaseBox – Complex parallel generating set controllers.
  • 5 x InteliMains NTC Basebox – Mains circuit breaker controllera|
  • 1 x InteliVision 12Touch – HMI/touch-screen colour display units.
  • 2 x CM17112LBGB – Comms gateway for interfacing to 3rd Party Inverter systems e.g. BESS/PV.
  • 8 x InteliVision 5 HMI/colour display units
  • 1 x IGS Log License – Local monitoring and data logging.
  • 1 x Web Supervisor 4.0 Pro License – Remote monitoring and alarm paging

Due to the complexity of the site, ComAp products were also utilised to monitor the balance of plant. Subsequently, the following additional products were utilised to deliver the distributed site BMS:
  • 1 x InteliSys NTC Hybrid – Master system controller
  • 3 x InteliSys NTC Basebox – Complex parallel generating set controllers
  • 8 x InteliGen NTC Basebox – Standard parallel generating set controllers
  • 9 x I-CB/Modbus – Comms gateway for interfacing to 3rd Party products
  • 1 x CM17112LBGB – Comms gateway for interfacing to 3rd Party Inverter systems (PV)
  • 1 x IO8/8 – Binary Input/Output expansion IO module

ComAp's WebSupervisor is also used to monitor the entire site remotely, ensuring that the entire park can be kept running, without any intervention, or specialist knowledge training for the park's owners. 

The system was designed to limit demand on the network, optimise the use of renewable energy, minimise operating costs and monitor/integrate the diverse balance of plant. The project was commissioned in July 2018 and is now fully operational. The system will be put to the test at Willinga Park’s next event in December 2018.

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